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BWCA Canoe Trip Routes
Quetico Park Canoe Trip Routes

Envision yourself gliding across a BWCA or Quetico Park wilderness lake in your canoe. Slipping quietly along the shoreline, you see a moose and her calf at the water's edge. You pause until they wander off into the woods. Taking out your rod and reel, you begin to cast along the shoreline. Suddenly, you tie into a smallmouth that takes your lure and plunges to the lake bottom and then races upward, breaking the water's surface. Your pole bends and swerves as your heart pounds with the thrill of the fight. This is what taking a canoe trip is all about.

A BWCA or Quetico Park wilderness canoe camping adventure offers the opportunity to experience many different things. The following pages offer canoe trip route maps that sample the many different places in the BWCA and Quetico Park you can visit on your canoe trip. With over 600 canoe-only lakes the potential for routes is limitless. The trip length, amount of travel, experience level of group members, and things you want to do will all have a bearing on choosing the right route. Novice canoeists should plan to travel 6 to 8 miles per day. Intermediate canoeists can usually cover 8 to 10 miles. The experienced canoeist can tackle 12 miles a day and sometimes more. The canoe trip routes shown here are based on intermediate canoeists travel times. Keep in mind that the maps shown are not meant for actual navigational use, but only for initial trip planning.

The Moose Lake chain leads you to some of the most beautiful, interesting, and peaceful lakes and streams in all the BWCA. It is one of two major routes to the ever-popular Basswood Lake (the other is from Fall Lake). Motorboats are limited to 25 hp. It is also the quickest link to Canada's Quetico Provincial Park and the quickest access to Canadian Customs at Prairie Portage.

Don't forget that for Quetico trips you'll need to get your customs clearance in advance by mail, known as a Remote Area Border Crossing pass (RABC).

A word of warning: The maps on the following pages are rather large, and will take some time to load, especially for those with dial-up modems or when traffic on our site is heavy. Please be patient. In addition, these maps are NOT intended to be used on your trip!

Note: one rod = 16.5 feet

BWCA Canoe Trip Routes (US):

BWCA Canoe Trip Route - Moose Lake to Lake One
BWCA Canoe Trip Route - Moose Lake to Snowbank Lake
BWCA Canoe Trip Route - Moose Lake - Knife Lake Loops
BWCA Canoe Trip Route - Mudro Lake to Nina Moose River
BWCA Canoe Trip Route - Kawishiwi River Area
BWCA Canoe Trip Route - Fall Lake Entry

Quetico Park Canoe Trip Routes (Canadian) - Note that all Quetico Park trips MUST leave from Moose Lake and pass through the Prairie Portage Ranger station:

Quetico Park Canoe Trip Route - Carp Entry Point
Quetico Park Canoe Trip Route - Agnes Entry Point
Quetico Park Canoe Trip Route - Kahshahpiwi Entry Point
Quetico Park Canoe Trip Route - Sarah Lake Permit
Quetico Park Canoe Trip Route - Basswood River Entry Point