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Request No-Obligation Quote For A High Adventure BWCA or Quetico Park Canoe Trip

Are you ready for more information about our unique BWCA or Quetico Park wilderness canoe trips? We can send you a no-obligation trip estimate if you'll take the time to tell us more about the canoe trip you would like to take. Our year round staff is waiting to help and answer your questions.

Friendly hospitality is just our way of doing business and we are dedicated to providing you with all the service, gear and advice you will need to make this your best vacation ever.

NOTE: If you have requested information and are not getting our emails, please check your spam filter for our emails. Unfortunately, due to the nature of email, once it leaves our server we can't control how or when it's delivered. Even if you're not using a spam filter, you still could have restrictions on your firewall that are preventing the emails from coming through. You should check with your IT department or ISP about this and make sure emails from are on the safe list.

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Is this your first canoe trip to our area?
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